How much does forex trader make?

The question about how much does forex trader make disturbs a lot of people. And answer is
simple -earnings should not be measured in terms of money, but in percentages.

Why? This is a
more adequate assessment. Many newcomers come to forex by seeing an advertisement about
"earning $ 100 a day without getting off the couch", while they do not think that the initial
deposit on the account can be 10, maybe 1000 or even 10,000 dollars. And to earn $ 100 with a
deposit of $ 50 or $ 1000 is a very different thing.
In the case of a cheap depot to earn 100 bucks is essentially a casino and a game of all-in. And if
the deposit is $ 1000, then the profit of $ 100, here is closer to thoughtful work.
Still sometimes some try to understand: if their strategy brings 200 points of profit a month - is
that much or not? This is not much and not enough. Because it all depends on the trading system.
Some intraday traders catch 5 points a day, and traders on daily charts calmly perceive profits /
losses of 100 points. Forex gives us flexibility in choosing the position size, and accordingly you
can earn 100 points with a lot of 0.1 or 10 points with lot 1.0. In monetary terms, the amount of
profit will be the same.
What should be the profitability of a successful trader? But before, I cannot help but touch the
topic 100% a month. Yes, 100% can be done. With the risk of losing the same 100%. There are
such tactics, we have already considered them several times.
And if we talk about stable, manual trade, created for serious work, then with a profit of 2-5%
per month, in successful months up to 10%, you can already be considered a professional. The
main thing is that it is stable and without major drawdowns.
But how to earn in this case, without having a large sum on the account?
The algorithm is very simple:
1. You learn to earn stably 2-5-10% without strong drawdowns, gain statistics of successful
2. Open the PAMM-account.
3. Repeatedly increase your income, not increasing profitability as a percentage of your