How much does forex trader make a day?

From non-random people from the world of finance, we can only get ambiguous figures without
specificity, which, apparently, is due to the volatility of the results of trade. How much a trader

earns on Forex and how much a trader earns on the stock exchange, such questions can not be
expected to give an objective answer, because personal market preferences will play too much.
You should know that the earnings will depend on several factors, the main one being the
profitability of the trading system, because it is useless to conduct discussions about how much
traders earn if we do not consider the stable trading results. Random and magical in terms of
statistical results, this is only a consequence of the fact that probability theory works and luck
has not been canceled.
In order to nevertheless specify for the beginning traders the benchmarks for their future possible
profitability in the forex market, let us pay attention to the prospects that the market itself gives
us in this regard. Looking at the graph for the day, we will see that the average "intraday"
movement, this is where half a percent, that is, for all the favorite currency pair EUR / USD, this
will be at least 1.2650 and a maximum of 1.2713 per day trading session.
The price, as we know, does not mean this minimum in the morning and the movements are
almost always not linear, so that in the end the "path" will be greater than the indicated
percentage. And we see both "ups and downs" and what the traders, sophisticated in technical
analysis, see certain figures, and with them the prospects for earning money. We will not go into
the methods of forecasting the market, but simply conclude that with a trading system close to
the ideal, almost every trading day gives a chance to earn these half a percent or, if it is easier for
anyone, then 60-80 points.
Traders who are able to cope with obstacles can not only create a profitable system for
themselves, but also follow it, the market gives good opportunities for earnings, and it can be
measured by tens or hundreds of percent of profit per year.