How to trade in poe?

A striking feature of Path of Exile is the elaborate craft and trade system. It is this chip that has
greatly contributed to the popularity of the game. In our guide you will be able to learn in detail
about how this mechanic works.

The system of trading in the game at first seems very chaotic, in particular, due to the fact that
there is no single currency and auction. Most participants do not know what and how much
should it cost.
Therefore, in order not to make purchases at exorbitant prices, and sales for pennies, it is
necessary to delve into, understand and bargain. Having spent time on the analysis of supply and
demand, you will be able to purchase goods at adequate prices. To begin with, you can just open
a trade chat, learn who sells what and buys, and ask for the value of lots, while adding "just
asking". Trade is carried out in English, since everyone is playing on a European server.
Depending on what items you sell to merchants, they give you strictly defined items back (all
trade is exchange). You can not think about it, and surrender to merchants everything, but if you
know the recipes and use them - you can get a significant benefit.
Each item in the game has a quality that affects the initial damage of the weapon, armor
characteristics, etc. This indicator varies from 0 to 20%, it can be improved by means of spheres.
The latter receive by means of prescriptions, traders, masters and ordinary players exchange.
A variety of things determines the number of sockets and connections between them, and this
affects the bundles of gems that can be used in a particular object. For example, one-handed
weapons and a shield assume the presence of three sockets. The color of the latter depends on the
characteristics of the equipment: strength - red, dexterity - green, intellect - blue.