How to trade on binance?

Binance provides its users the opportunity to quickly and efficiently implement various
transactions for the sale and purchase of various crypto-currencies. Today we will review some
of the functional features of this platform and understand why trading on Binance is considered
the most profitable.

The Binance system provides two modes of trading interfaces. This is done by the developers in
order to simplify the process of carrying out various operations for beginners and enable
experienced users to use the full functionality of the exchange. Trading on Binance can be
carried out in the first mode, which is intended for beginners, and the second one, which is for
users who already have experience working with exchange platforms.
Binance platform modes
To activate the Basic mode, go to the Exchange tab and click the Basic button in the drop-down
After that, the workspace will open on the screen, through which transactions will be carried out.
For beginners in exchange trading, it may seem quite difficult to understand and use, but if you
systematize everything, it becomes clear that there are only 5 main areas in the workspace.
Exchange cup. The place where the statistics of orders for the purchase and sale of an asset are
maintained, which are set by the user in the application pane.
Schedule. Displays the exchange rate changes for the selected asset. It can be scaled by setting a
half-hour, hour, daily and weekly display period.
The application pane. The area where the user can apply for purchase or sale of an asset in one
or another volume.
Choice of a currency pair. Panel, designed to select the pair in which the trades will be carried
out. At the top of this area, there are 4 main crypto-currencies for more convenient filtering of
the list.
Trading history. The area where the completed transactions are displayed for the selected
currency pair. This mode is simplified by developers and is intended for beginners.