How to trade in rocket league?

Exchange of objects in the Rocket League, plays a very important role in the development of the
game, players interact not only on the playing field, but also outside the game. This allows you
to capture the interest of fans and dive them into the universe of Rocket League.

How does it work
Players are added to each other in the party and invited to trade. Then, each of the participants
fills the cells with items for later exchange. It is possible to add 24 items and 50 keys.
As you can see, everything is simple, you only need to find a potential buyer. On the Internet
there are several trading platforms and most of them are English-speaking, but with a fairly
friendly and intuitive interface. And the portal is the best choice.
The third person of the transaction (Middleman)
By the way, it is the reputation that allows you to choose a reliable middleman, the so-called
third person of the transaction, which will eliminate the possibility of deception.
Prices for items (Rocket league prices)
When we know what exactly we want to sell, we have a fair question - "how much does it
cost?". For the nominal value of the cost in the Rocket League and, strictly speaking, the
currency of the game, in-game keys are accepted. Their value depends only on the exchange rate
and they have the official value in dollars, indicated by the developers.
How is formed the price of the item?
Supply and demand. You can monitor the market and independently identify the value of things,
but for us this work is regularly carried out by other players.
The Rocket League is a place where you can meet a lot of scammers. So to be careful and
attentive to those with whom you interact is very important.