How does forex work in South Africa?

Forex trading in South Africa has become increasingly popular in the market in recent years.

Nowadays more and more investors are seeking to open online trading accounts. As awareness
of this particular growth method, big number of international brokers offers their services.
The Financial Services Authority, also known as the FSB, is an organization in South Africa
whose mission is to oversee financial services in the public interest, including overseeing the
largest stock exchange on the African continent, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
FSB was founded in 1990, and in 2001 the FAIS (Financial Advisory and Mediation Services
Act) expanded the mandate of the FSB to include market aspects and banking systems. The main
office of the company is in Pretoria, South Africa.
FSB was created with certain tasks and aims. First of all, it gives oversight of all non-bank
financial intermediaries, and this includes the capital market, collective investment
organizations, financial service providers, insurers and other creditors.
Information about FSB regulated Forex brokers can be found on the official search page of
companies regulated by the FSB. By going to this page, you will be offered four search lines to
enter a search query. By filling out any of them and clicking on the "details" it’s possible to
receive all the necessary information about the company you are interested in.
Proven brokers give their traders the most advanced technology and also did not forget about the
package of educational materials that contribute to the growth of their skills. Being client-
oriented, they try to maximally focus their products and services on the needs of the markets on
which the company is represented.